Miss Lauren and Miss Lily


Miss Lauren and Miss Lily


We are a delicious duo of dominant disciplinarians and CP enthusiasts with a penchant for putting naughty, overgrown boys over out knees. Both of us have an interest in psychology with a good understanding of the human mind. We strive to understand our spankees, offering individually tailored sessions.

Miss Lauren is a 28 year old brunette, who is both enchantingly nurturing and efficaciously strict and uncompromising when it comes to delivering the consequences of bad behaviour.

Miss Lily is 22 years old, with long blonde hair and a deceivingly angelic look. However, when it comes to holding those deserving of punishment accountable, she is fierce, stern and holds a naturally commanding presence.

There are many reasons why people visit those offering spanking services; for some it is a cathartic release, for others it is a pleasurable experience. Many genuinely crave the motivation and consequences put in place to enable them to meet new or existing goals or experience the process of 'wiping the slate clean'.

Whilst discipline and punishment is a lifestyle choice for both of us, we also enjoy various kinds of role-play and can cater to such sessions as well as sensual and relaxing ones.

We offer sessions both individually and together. Please send a TEXT message for details of tribute, location and availability.


A Spiteful MILF - on your knees!
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calls cost 50 pence pence per min + access charge. helpline 01635 897229